Financial Planning & Analysis Software

It's time to leave spreadsheets behind, automate and get faster to analyze your business data with a financial approach.

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Transform your company's finances and the decisions you make with them

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! and save time for tasks that add more value.

Automate your financial reports to speed up each month closing.

Collaborative platform to involve the business areas in Financial Planning & Analysis processes.

Project your reports, create scenarios and present deviations in simple steps.


Boost innovation in your business by analyzing your data in an integrated way using an efficient platform.

Speed up your budget, decentralize your data uploading, minimize mistakes and manage your workflow. Simplify your spreadsheets management and automate the consolidation of your data

Compare your plan against actual. Analyze the achievement of your goals using your information integrated to multiple data sources.

Create business variables and simulate scenarios to plan for the future and make decisions quickly.

Manage your cash flow to get a better view of the cash flow.

Make an impression with customized and automatic smart reports.

Available in all countries around the world and for all kinds of businesses.


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Plika Partnership

Are you a financial consultant and want to enhance your services?

If you have an accounting service or are a business consultant and you want to improve the reporting service you provide to your clients, Plika is the Financial Planning & Analysis solution that you need to add to your value proposition.


1. Is Plika available for all kinds of businesses?
Yes, our solution is flexible enough to work on Start-ups, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (PYME) and large companies, and to adapt to the distinctive features of any industry.
2. Does Plika solve economic or financial issues, or both?
Both, you choose where to start and you may even integrate both modules to strengthen your reports.
3. Is it complex and expensive to implement Plika?
No, the learning curve is minimal, and in addition to a flexible set-up, we will support you with ideation and consulting sessions to get a solution suited to your needs.
4. How is Plika’s security regarding my data?
Your data will be stored at one of the safest clouds in the world, Amazon Web Services. Therefore, neither you nor your IT team will have to worry about the risks and management of data.
5. Can Plika be integrated into other systems?
Yes, the open standards used as basis to create Plika allow receiving and sending information to an ERP, CRM, BI and any database.
6. How long does the Plika implementation last?
Through the implementation, our consultants will help you make the most out of Plika, completing activities that last 1 to 2 months, such as trainings, ideation and consulting instances, depending on the size of the project.
7. In which markets is Plika available?
Plika is available all around the world and to all kinds of businesses.
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